What You Should Find Out Before Buying a Stand Up Board


Over the last few years, the popularity of stand up paddling (SUP) has been increasing. Engaging in the sport is fun and a great form of exercise. Moreover, SUP boarding is easy to learn for anyone. To participate in SUP, you need a good paddle board. You may find the task of choosing the right board quite a challenge is you are a beginner. Here’s a good post to read about california paddle board, check this out!

When choosing a saddle up paddle board, it is important to consider your lifestyle. Your budget and paddle board fit are also important things to consider. Shopping for the ideal SUP board can be simple and fun if you know what you will be using it for. Below are three things to keep in mind when looking for a SUP board. You can read about beginner paddle board reviews here.

What Type of Board Should You Buy?
You can purchase different SUP boards in the market. To know the right board to buy, it’s important to understand how different they are. In most cases, you may want to settle for a crossover SUP board. You are likely to use your paddle for multiple activities. For example, a person may use the SUP for touring and racing or surfing and all water. You should determine the activities you would be engaging in and then find the ideal SUP board.

What Size Will be Best for You?
You should also know the right board size to go for. The right board size to choose will depend on your paddling experience as well as weight. Think of the board in terms of volume when deciding on the size. A board that is wider, longer and thicker will have more volume. A SUP board that has more volume is more stable than one with a lower volume.

If you do not have experience or are just starting up with paddle up boarding, it is advisable to choose a SUP board with more volume. Such a board will be more stable and can support more weight. As you improve your strength, balance and skills, you can downsize the board with less volume. You can hand over the older SUP board to your family members or friends when you upgrade to a new one.

Paddle Up Board Storage
Where to store the SUP board is one thing you may be concerned about when shopping. Proper storage of the SUP board is important to increase its lifespan. This means the board should not be exposed to weather elements when not in use. Ideally, you should store the board indoors when not using it.

If you have an epoxy SUP board, it should be stored in a board bag. When in the bag, the board will not get scratches or dings.

The above are some tips to consider when looking for a SUP board to buy.  You can click this link https://www.britannica.com/sports/surfing for more great tips!


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